Right now I am flying at 11,500ft in a private plane…and I was just thinking how interesting it is with the different viewpoints we get throughout life.

You know, one day my viewpoint will be one completely looking at God.

The next day I’ll be looking at my own wants.

And I’ve found that everyday my focus is completely on God I am completely full of joy!

Focus & viewpoint completely on God = complete joy

So why do I keep going back to a mindset and viewpoint of life focused on me? It’s one of Satan’s experiments for this generation. He deceives us into thinking we'll have more joy focusing on what we want and attaining those things.

But every time I pull a switcheroo (that’s an actual word by the way) and focus on God, I am filled with so much more happiness and joy!

Chance? No, it’s just how God has set things up. We keep our view and focus on Him and life is better!

And I’m glad….b/c I love God and it reminds me to constantly be with Him.

Life sucky? Pull a switcheroo and change your life focus to God. It’s God’s way of life.

I encourage you to pray that God helps renew and refine your mind to constantly look at life with a perspective focused on Him….and His love.

God bless you!


And as a quick side note: Of course we have to think about certain things throughout life, like school, work, and life in general. But we need to go throughout life with a focus and perspective centered on God…Just make sure he is first and then comes school, work and etc.

Because that’s how God created life to be beautiful!

Satan’s experiment is to distract you and change your view to one looking away from God.

But we know to keep our eyes on the King :) !


Discussion Questions:

Is your current life perspective focused on God?

How does Satan try to distract you or remove your focus from God?

Identify those things and pray for God’s help concerning them! He loves you so much!!

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