Hey friends!

Today I am starting my journey to Kenya! My brother, Jeremy, and I are going on a 2 1/2 week humanitarian/mission trip to Kenya!

We appreciate your prayers! Whatever you feel led to pray for! Their salvation, our humbling, their safety & our safety - whatever you feel led to pray for!

We will not be going over a Bible Study these next weeks as a result...so the next lesson will be posted on August 15th!

However, I HIGHLY recommend you read Ephesians 5! I read it today & it was GOOD! :) :)

Alright, see you in a few weeks, by God's grace :)

In Christ & Christ within!

2/28/2012 10:52:25 am

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7/8/2012 01:25:58 pm

A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step


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