And we urge you, brothers,…help the weak... 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Are you feeling extra weak right now?

Maybe your school finals are weighing on you? Or some bad choices you recently made? Maybe you’ve got some tough decisions to make that feel like they are tearing you apart?

Maybe you’ve been “spiritually weak” lately…kind of drifting away from GOD.

Either way, I’d love to pray for you and talk to you.

If you are feeling extra weak, burnt out, or drained then please leave a quick comment below on how I can pray for you. If you’d like to, stay anonymous: Make your name “Anonymous” and your email “”. However, if you’d like for me to be able to talk back and forth with you then please do put in your real email address.

I would love to pray with you! So please don’t be afraid & leave a comment below – even if it’s “the simplest thing”!

In Christ!


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