Roger Federer creating space and assessing!
Roger Federer creating space and assessing!
I’m not going to put up a new blog post until Thanksgiving!

I think I rush into delivering what God speaks to me, but after prayer I believe I need to pause for a little. Let the messages simmer within me.

I give “messages” like I used to play tennis when I was untrained.

Someone would hit the ball to me & I’d run up to the ball, but get too close to it – mess up my aim – and hit it incorrectly and in the wrong direction. In other words, it wasn’t my best shot. This is called “running into the ball.”

After training with a tennis coach, however, I’ve learned that one of the best things I can do is stay back and assess the ball. Create distance between myself & the ball so I can prepare for the best way to hit it.

I think I often am “running into the ball” with these messages. Therefore, I believe with God’s blessing, I’m taking a break – creating space & assessing, and allowing the ball to come to me (rather than hitting it early) so I can hit a better shot.

 :) Thank you for reading! See you on Thanksgiving!

IN God’s Love,