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This week I want to ask you all: What do you think Satan's Experiments for this generation are?

We've talked about mental imprisonment and apathy...but now I'm interested in what you believe Satan is doing to warp and hurt and distract our generation.

What do you think Satan's Experiments (or schemes) for this generation are?

Leave your comment below, or even better - leave a video reply!

I hope we can all have our eyes opened to Satan's schemes so that we can see them and push past them for the glory of our God and of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

In Christ and For Christs' Glory! Jared
9/7/2009 08:06:39 am

Being a little past your generation, I am not sure my reply will be what you are thinking. I am looking at the lives of my grandchildren, two who are teenagers. I see the internet, iphones, texting, becoming a replacement to community and face to face fellowship. There is a reason the Lord said "do not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but enourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near" Hebrews 10:25. We can go to church on the internet..."live". It is just that we are not there. If Satan can prevent us gathering together ....where two or more are gathered in My name.....Our power is diminished.
Also the media has made us comfortable with filthy language, homosexuality, sexy clothing and attitudes, sex out of marriage, drinking, witchcraft, (Harry Potter)etc. etc.etc.
Satan really has not had to do too much hard work. We sit in apathy and do not stand against him or anything. Takes effort. What would so and so think about me? I'll let someone else do it.
Psalm 1:1 lays out the progression -- You walk their way, then you find yourself standing around with the scoffers, and the next thing is you are sitting with them having coffee and fellowship on their terms. The worst night of Christ's life, Peter denied Him the first time. Not too bad. Then the 2nd time was easier. The 3rd time the crow of the cock shook him to his very core. He moved from I'll never deny YOU to Oh no, what have I done in little more than a heart beat of ime. Satan can move you just that fast.
Paul gave us the whole armor of God in Ephesians 6:10 -18. He ends with the words stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers. Why? check out what Satan's purpose is. To rob, kill, steal, and destroy.
My friends had the funeral for their 37 year old daughter this past week. Carla came to know Jesus as her savior as a child. Today she is with her Savior in Heaven. Satan robbed her of a life of purpose, happiness, her children were taken away from her. Her parents did not hear from her for 3 years at a time wondering if she was alive or dead. Drugs did that. Look up the meaning of drugs. The Greek word “pharmakia” literally means “drugs”, the word 'sorcerers' comes from the greek word 'pharmakos' . Hmm that sounds just like satan's work doesn't it? Oh, her drugs were "legal".

9/7/2009 12:57:04 pm

Unfortunately, Satan has it pretty easy... he just has to continue repackaging the same distractions that are just enough for us to miss the mark. We are created for relationship. We are created for unity with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. As Mandy noted, we are created for relationship with others. Satan just repackages Christ-centered relationships, Kingdom building relationships with destructive relationships. Satan will take our God given desire to have community, relationships, unity and replace it with counterfeit relationships. Relationships that may appear fulfilling, appealing, but are ultimately destructive relationships. And destructive in the sense that these relationships may cause disunity or some other disruption that are just enough for "hamartia"...missing the mark.

9/8/2009 09:14:56 am

Wow! First - very cool thing you are doing, Jared. I have two teenagers, and the obvious problems that I have seen either destoying the lives or their friends, (or an older sibling of their friends,etc.) is drugs. Especially oxycontin addiction among 20ish year olds, but also alcohol, and others of course. Also, eating disorders are still alive and well, especially with the girls, with the bombardment of media images helping Satan along with that experiment. Both of these things very much hurt and distract young people from living the life of freedom that God intends for them.

9/12/2009 04:16:44 am

Great thoughts everyone!

Mandy, great thoughts about community...I can see what you are saying! It's scary! Cool thing is, when we have someone sit down with us rather than phone or text - we can feel the warmth of community. Push for those!

Marty, great thoughts about disunity and distractions! Amazing picture you drew out of disunity linking to harmatia!

And Kay, thank-you! :) I know you are a great friend to my mom and cheer her up every night! When I hear her bellow, it's because she is talking with you! And I completely agree about the addictions...

These are things we as people of the opposite, righteous and True Kingdom have to call out and stand up against!!!

Let's live in praise, love and power!

8/11/2010 10:38:39 am

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

10/3/2010 10:25:45 am

The fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men.


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