Satan's Experiments for this Generation: Time.

This experiment of Satan will hinder you from:
1) Growing Closer to God
and 2) Hearing God's voice

How do we overcome? We realize,

"We make time for what we value." - Craig Groeschel

and re-prioritize and get back alone time with God.

When I have alone time with God, I feel so close to Him, hear Him so clearly, and praise Him so much. When I miss alone time with Him...I feel distant, feel like I can't hear Him at all, and praise Him not nearly as much.

That shows how important making room for God is in our every day lives.

I encourage you to read the Word....God's Word, the Bible, and meditate on it and simply talk and listen to God throughout the process. Throughout your day make reminders in your cell phone calendar...and post-it-notes...and little reminder tools of any sort.

Just don't be the average person as God, make room for Your God! We make time for what we value!

One more quick note: I don't even really like calling it "making" room for God.
   -   If you are taking notes, remember this: We don't find time for God, we don't make time for God, but we take the time He has so graciously given us and say, "I will praise You!"

God's best to you!


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5/16/2012 05:04:07 am

May God the creator of heaven and earth bless richly. It blesses my heart to see a young man like your self sharing on such a profound revelation in to the expperiment of satan. I will certianly make and give time to God daily.

5/16/2012 06:55:51 am

Josephine, thank you so much! So thankful to God that He spoke to you through me.

Just to let you know, I'm writing on a new blog ->

Hope to see you there! God bless!


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