Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.   Jesus, Acts 10:15

I often call myself impure. I sin - I mess up - and I look at myself as if I'm filthy. Dirty. Unclean.

BUT NO. In Jesus Christ I am clean.

As a believer in Christ, although I may do something impure or unclean, I am not impure or unclean.

I am forever clean because I believe in the love of Jesus Christ and make Him Lord!

"Do not call anything impure that God has made clean."

Has anybody else been in this same boat with me? What are your thoughts? There is complete freedom in Jesus Christ! So much love :)

If you are more interested in how to be clean, I encourage you to read Matthew 8:2, John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-10 (make sure to read each of them :)!
Grant Keeter
5/18/2010 05:37:12 am


I agree that when we are saved we are counted righteous in Christ. And that if we sin we have an advocate with the Father. Also, that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

However, Acts 10:15 is about food! I don't agree with using verses like that out of context. Even if the principle is true it is not faithful to the text of scripture to twist it like that.

5/18/2010 06:11:05 am


Thank you for expressing your opinion! My honest opinion is that we can agree on the truth of Christ's Love and then agree to disagree on the rest.

Love Love ya bro! Hope you have a great summer!

In Christ's Love!!

7/8/2012 01:26:27 pm

A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step


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