Lessons from Kenya: Supernatural

After this week’s post, there will be two more for the series, “Lessons from Kenya.” Immediately following, we will be starting a shorter series called, “SEx For This Generation.” Sound cheesy or corny? Yea. But it’s a killer series God has really been working in me for a while – so I hope you’ll read and join in discussion!

This week I want to continue with week 4 of Lessons from Kenya:

Remember: God’s Power

I experienced in Kenya something else that really, really blew me away –

God is real – and so is evil.

And they are both spiritually present in your lives and in mine…

Before I went to Kenya (and I hope you won’t think I’m crazy right here), I had honestly experienced some of Satan’s presence here on earth…and it was honestly scary at first.

In Kenya, however, I experienced way more than I had bargained for – I literally saw a teenager possessed by a demon. I know some people won’t believe me (and I acknowledged that right after it happened), but just let me tell you these two things:

1)      The Kenyan pastor who was there with us told us that demonic possessions are common occurrences.

2)      Whenever the demon took over the teenager, the pastor (after about 5 seconds) rebuked the demon in the name of Jesus Christ – and it immediately left.

This is the order of events:

            The boy is kneeling waist-deep in water, getting ready to be baptized.

            He starts to faint (at least that is what I thought he was doing at first), but when the pastors try to lift him out of the water it seems as if he is forcibly pushing head first into the water.

            He begins to do something I don’t know how to explain (but I’ll try anyway – it was kind of like his body was convulsing out of the water) and makes a noise I can only describe as “tisking” (the noise of disapproval).

            He then screams the Name of Jesus.

(You could see the disconnect he had of control over his body.)

That is when the pastor commanded the demon to leave by the very Name it had just yelled……and it was gone. The room was quiet. The boy was baptized and walked away with teary eyes.

2 things I want you to get out of this:

1)      The Devil’s presence and footprint are very real in this world.

and       2) The Name of Jesus Christ still reigns supreme over everything and everyone.

Don’t take these lightly. Read over them again before you continue on…and understand how real the words are…


Jesus Christ is the Lord. He is the King; the Son of God. God is not only my God, but He is also my Lord (Master). I choose to serve Him.

Just knowing God…..I never want to leave His presence. He’s so loving, caring, faithful and amazing.

But sometimes I find myself “waking up” and realizing I haven’t been seeking Him as much as I should have. Maybe you’re in that place right now – and I’d say to you, “Seek Him!!” RUN after Him! Don’t be lukewarm about it, but SPRINT! GO! He IS Life!

The ways of being stagnant and lukewarm come from the Devil – they are tools of Satan. Don’t let him win you over – but RUN to Jesus Christ, to God. Call on His Name again, or for the very first time. Fall at His feet and worship the True King…

God is real…and so is evil. I sure as heck am glad I am with God on this one. I’m praying that you are and/or that you may be today.


I encourage you to read Matthew 17:14-18 and recognize the similarities between the above situation and the one Jesus Christ faced in those verses above. I then encourage you to read verses 19-21 for encouragement J!

Our God reigns! Thank You Lord for our Savior, Sustainer, Redeemer and Freer Jesus Christ!




Grant Keeter
7/22/2009 02:41:34 pm

Can a saved person be possessed by a demon?

7/23/2009 08:01:34 am

Hey Grant!

It's great to hear from you!!

I personally do not believe that a demon can be in actual "possession" of someone who has the Holy Spirit inside (a saved person). There's just no room for him there...

But those are my words....I haven't looked up enough in the Bible on this topic.

In the case above (in the post), I'm not sure what the situation was...all I know is what I experienced and saw happen there.

And I just typed out a whole bunch of possible reasons for the boy's situation, but deleted them - because the bottom line is I honestly still don't totally understand what happened there myself.

All I know is one second I felt the presence of evil - and the next I felt the power of Jesus Christ.

And that's all I want to focus on right now.

Great question!!

8/10/2009 02:34:01 pm

If I give you the keys to my car, you can have posession of my car.......but you still do not have ownership of my car. I believe you can be owned by God and still have the demons of the past claiming their space. In James, a book written to believers, 1:8 and 4:8 the Greek translations of double minded is double souled!! I recommend the book Liberating the Bruised by Dr. Joe Allbright. He answers so many questions, such as the sins of the father being passed down to the 3rd generation.

Oh there is so much that only the Holy Spirit knows. Somewhere in the NT (Can't find the verse) it says even He searches the depths of God.

10/26/2009 10:39:20 pm

A quick correction:

I found out that it wasn't the boy who yelled Jesus' Name (like I originally thought), but the pastor.

I love that the immediate thing the pastor did was yell the powerful Name of Jesus Christ!

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