Another disciple said to him, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”   Mt 8:21-22

The time Jesus had on earth was short - and He devoted it to training and instructing others.

Jesus' response to a man is very important here - He recognized what was most important and kept to it.

I tend to be swayed by other peoples' desires. I'd say, "Ok, we'll wait for you." But Jesus was saying, "We're heading this way, either hop on or get our of the way!"

LEADership. Jesus had a great, big convoy and he knew where He was leading it. He knew what not to stop for.

He had direction, motivation & education.

Direction - We're healing & teaching til the cross
Motivation - I love God & these people...
Education (of where to put His time) - We won't stop here - or there. We must keep moving. He knew where not to stop.

Do you know where NOT to stop? Do you have a "To-Don't" list?

I really need to make one...

Keep your eyes on the goal. Eagle-eye it. Don't ignore people, but say, "This is where I'm heading - I need to know if you want to join me or not."

Mt 8:21-22


What do you need to no longer stop for?
In other words, what's holding you back from running with what you've been called to do?

What have you been called to do?

Write down these three things:
      1) Direction - where you're heading
      2) Motivation - your motivation for your direction
      3) Education - your knowledge of where not to stop.

1/12/2010 12:06:51 pm

Jared, you help everyone stay focused on the MAIN THING(S) we are supposed to focus on! It's so easy to get distracted by TONS of things in this world, but you give steps in each message, to help keep our priorities in order!
THANK-YOU for all the love and work you put into your messages!!!! X O

1/13/2010 12:39:07 am

Jared, Great message. John Maxwell's Laws of Leadership is a great read for anyone interested in Leadership. I find it also helpful to start with the end in mind. What is it you want at the end...your goal? or your impact in ministry? Now think about where you are at You have the rest of your life to get from where you are today to the point at the end. It would be great if life was just a straight line from ' Here to There', but it just doesn't work that way. You are presented with opportunities along the way. Some of them are in alignment with your end purpose...they help you get there and they are good. Other life opportunities also arise that 'appear' to be good, but are not in alignment with the end goal you've set for yourself. They are the true distractions, because while they might appear to be good, they take you further away from your goal instead of closer. You must pray for the wisdom to differentiate between them....if you want to avoid wasteful distractions in your life...good message

3/6/2010 09:31:37 am

Good word, brother. I'd like to add that there were other times when Jesus let people go back and do things that were necessary. (The gerasene demoniac, the disciples after Samaria, Martha & Mary, etc.)

Matthew puts this episode before John's beheading, but Luke puts it during Jesus' final push toward Jerusalem. Since Matthew very clearly jumbles events on purpose, at times, it's possible the timing of Jesus' mission was *one* factor affecting his response to the burial request.

I say that not to argue - although who doesn't love a good argument? ;-)

I say that to encourage you in your push to a 2010 graduation. I love the idea about a list of don'ts. But DO also take a breath once in a while. :-)

Thanks for the post.

3/8/2010 06:51:54 am

Janet, thank you very much for your encouragement! Means SO MUCH to me!

Joe, great wisdom. Thank you - I love what you said about some opportunities that "'appear' to be good, but are not in alignment with the end goal you've set for yourself." Great wisdom...thanks!

Bill, thank you! Thank you for the clarification! Yes, a "to-don't" list helps me out SO MUCH when I follow it! And I do take a breath (although I do admit it IS hard for me to relax and rest).

I think everyone likes a good argument every once in a while...just for the fun of it ;-)



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