In Numbers 29 we see that the People continue to prove their belief and devotion to God – by doing what He asked of them…even if it didn’t make sense or wasn’t logical…

Why do we always have to find a reason to do something for God, when we’ll immediately do other things without a need for reason?

Why do we believe the environmental science book and the issues it teaches on the water cycle, but not believe the bible and the issues it talks of about the life cycle?

Why do we believe the history books and the stories of the Black Death, Napoleon (not Dynamite, Bonaparte), George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln...but not believe the bible and the stories of Noah, the Great Flood, Moses, and Christ?

Why do we find it easier to not believe than to believe?

- Why? Because Satan makes it seem so RIDICULOUS to believe only one thing we don't physically see…God... we don’t see evaporation, percolation, osmosis or underground water, yet we still believe they exist….his deception of God and of who he is turns us away…

Remember: we don’t see wind, but we see its effects and feel it…we don’t see hot and cold temperatures, but we feel them - > Scripture says, “Blessed are those who have not seen, but yet believe.”

Do you believe?

What are some past events, or things that made you realize that God is real?

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5/24/2009 09:21:56 am

For me, God has really made me realize He is real through His Word, the Bible.

I've had questions and hurts before...and in those times I asked God to speak to me...to answer my questions or to address my hurts...and God has literally spoken to me through His Word.

One time, He even spoke directly to me. I mean spiritually...I heard His voice. I had a question about a verse in the book of Revelation that didn't make any sense to me (just like a lot of Revelation). When I have questions about the Bible or spiritual issues, I immediately want an answer! I go crazy if I don't have one...! So, I asked God to speak to me and reveal the answer to me. Nothing.

I didn't hear him. So, I asked again, but this time got on my knees (I love showing my reverence to God!). Still nothing. So I bent further down and lifted the Bible in the air and said, "God! Please reveal this to me! I really want to know!!"

"Jared, read Romans 8:17". Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it. I still can barely believe it now! God spoke to me!! Yet, in my dumbness I still doubted, thinking, "...this was probably just me..."

I turned there. And that one verse answered my one strange question from Revelation. I don't know the Bible well enough to pop that stuff up in my brain. But, I know who does - and in fact, He wrote it...and it's Theopneustos, His very breath.

God has spoken to me. That is one of the moments God has spoken to me that made me truly realize the reality of just how stinkin real He is! And boy...He is soo good.

I love Him! How about you guys?

Jimalee Lynn Murphy
5/24/2009 10:00:59 am

I enjoy your posts. This bible study is very delightful and very thorough. You are so talented. It is truly amazing. I remember the one time I was still and God spoke to me. Moments like that you just never do forget...... Believing your right is the story..I am proud of you and think the world of you..

Kyle Reed
5/24/2009 03:54:58 pm

God has shown me that he is real through many events in my life. I have grown up in the church, but I never really had that appreciation for God until I grew up a little. God has shown himself to me through other people. I had struggled with my faith and wrestled with God and my beliefs for years and this last semester I finally gave myself to him and said this is yours God. Do what you want with me. Take away this hurt and help me turn my life around. That very night I met a person who has absolutely changed my life and as helped me see that my life needed tto be different. I saw God inthis persons eyes and I hadn't seen that before. I also had another person enter my life. Jared finally got through to me and we connected. It was a God thing one day while sitting at my desk... I was crying my eyes out because of a hard decision I had made and who knocks at the door? Jared. I looked through the peep hole in tears and if it had been anyone else I would have left the door closed, but it was Jared. God sent me someone when I was in need and I opened the door because I felt God asking me to open the door and let someone in. I had been so closed off from people until that very moment.
God is so amazing and he does so many great things everyday that go unnoticed by us but he is there. I have learned through him revealing himself to me through others and his holy word that he is omnipresent omnipotent and absolutely awesome. And I have also learned that even the smallest things are God. He is always showing himself to us and that is why I am a believer. God has done amazing things in my life and I know he will continue to.

5/25/2009 03:16:18 am

Jimalee, thank you very much for the compliments! They mean a lot to me! And yes, just simply being still and listening to God is one of the greatest ways to experience Him! Taking the moment to just sit with Him, as you can imagine, means a lot to Him!

Kyle, you don't know how excited I am for what God is doing in your life!! It's so amazing!! I love how He opened you up completely to Him...it is so beautiful! Praise God!
And you're right...many things that God does around us go unnoticed...the beauty, however, is that when you are looking around yourself knowing that God is around you, you start seeing Him in everything.

God is soooo good! He truly is amazing!

How about anybody else?

5/26/2009 03:17:50 am

Lets all pray for JEFF as he is having an interview with a 3D design stuidio in LA TODAY!!!!!! BWANA asifiWE


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