This week I have finals so I’m going to keep the post short today by asking a simple question.

What process / way / mind-set do you find helps you best manage your time?

I think this can be helpful for all of us to exchange this info!

I’m looking forward to posting my response this Thursday and look forward to reading over yours! (I'm excited - even if yours sounds simple - these are going to be very fruitful for us all to add to our lives~!)

What do you find helps you manage your time the best?

5/10/2010 08:45:35 am

Ah, finals week can be such a busy and stressful time! During the end of the year, I find it can be difficult to stay on task, but keeping the mindset that summer is near keeps me going. Also, my agenda!

5/11/2010 12:40:46 am

I agree Nicole!

An agenda has really helped me this year - along with the "summer is near" mindset!

5/14/2010 09:39:40 am

What helps me manage my time best is vision. Visioneering my day.

What do I want to accomplish? When do I want to accomplish it?
Then I add some flexibility (because not everything will go perfectly).

My mindset in all of this is: I don't want to time-travel to the past. When we waste time...then we are often the exact same now as we were 2 hours ago. I call that time travel! You, sitting where you are, could be the exact image you were 2 hours ago. Wipe off the dust!

That is one mindset that drives me. (Note: I don't consider needed rest a waste of time...rest is often very much so needed).

Anbody else?!

5/15/2010 03:33:10 am

LISTS!!! :) Lists help me manage my time! Start the list in order of importance, then estimate the time it will take you to accomplish it. Add a little extra time onto what you THINK it will take, THEN you will probably be right on.
PRAYER :) Ask God to, "Bless your schedule". It seems like almost EVERY time I do this, things go really well! PRAISE be to our God. :)


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