In Numbers 29 we see that the People continue to prove their belief and devotion to God – by doing what He asked of them…even if it didn’t make sense or wasn’t logical…

Why do we always have to find a reason to do something for God, when we’ll immediately do other things without a need for reason?

Why do we believe the environmental science book and the issues it teaches on the water cycle, but not believe the bible and the issues it talks of about the life cycle?

Why do we believe the history books and the stories of the Black Death, Napoleon (not Dynamite, Bonaparte), George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln...but not believe the bible and the stories of Noah, the Great Flood, Moses, and Christ?

Why do we find it easier to not believe than to believe?

- Why? Because Satan makes it seem so RIDICULOUS to believe only one thing we don't physically see…God... we don’t see evaporation, percolation, osmosis or underground water, yet we still believe they exist….his deception of God and of who he is turns us away…

Remember: we don’t see wind, but we see its effects and feel it…we don’t see hot and cold temperatures, but we feel them - > Scripture says, “Blessed are those who have not seen, but yet believe.”

Do you believe?

What are some past events, or things that made you realize that God is real?