Hello ladies and gents!

I have decided to take a one week break/refresher!

I will be posting another video blog next Monday morning and think this one will really be impactful on each one of you. It is a short, one week (atleast that's the plan right now :) ) "Leadership event!"

I really hope you'll join me next week and invite others to join us as we look at what God's Word says about you....and leadership.

I typed out, "Love you all!" and then wrote after it, " (I'm gonna say that even if it sounds weird!)"......but it actually feels a little too weird.

So, I care about you guys! Ok, now that's just weird too. Heck, God bless :) Look forward to seeing you next week!

And don't forget to invite somebody if you can!

9/30/2009 06:18:38 am

You have been prayed for today.

10/11/2009 08:54:34 am

Thank-you Camey!!! :)

You have just been prayed for!

Thank you for all the ministering you do (I've noticed how you pray for the pastors on Swerve!)


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